Plan as fast as you can type, with keyboard shortcuts for every action. There are no forms to fill in Gigantt. Our user interface is designed for rapid editing and fast response, which makes it perfect for quick brainstorming and high-level planning. Changing an existing plan is just as fast as creating a new one - just cut & paste tasks, or drag to create new connections between them.
Hi-Res, Infinite-Zoom
Planning in high-resolution means being able to drill down into a project and break work down to smaller tasks. Our infinite-zoom interface means you can reach even minute-sized tasks, if you need to. Nothing is forgotten. Hi-res plans are crucial for obtaining realistic estimates. A few minutes of time invested in planning ahead let you uncover all that hidden work that makes your project late.
Everybody can edit the same work-plan at the same time. No need to email files around. Real-time collaboration lets you see other people's changes live, as they happen. Managers can define high-level goals and then let each team member elaborate and estimate their own tasks, which means a lot fewer status-meetings. Gigantt lets you manage multiple projects across multiple teams in one coherent and always-updated plan. If one team is running late, other teams can know about it instantly and understand the implications.
Our software runs on the cloud, which means it's always on and always updated. No administration overhead beyond signing up. Our systems run across dozens of robust and redundant cloud servers, so service is hardly ever disrupted even during system upgrades. We also backup out entire database securely over several geographical locations, so if you put any data into Gigantt you can be sure you'll always be able to get it back.
Unlimited History
Every change you make in your project is auto-saved within seconds and added to your project's revision history. Nothing is ever lost and you can always get your data back even if you delete something by accident. Basically, you can't mess up, so feel free to move tasks around, change priorities and see how it all affects your delivery dates.
Gigantt can visualize your projects in a bunch of different ways: zooming-in by topic, focusing on connections between tasks, viewing tasks by duration to quickly identify the biggest chunks of work, laying out the project across a time-line, slicing tasks up according to resources, grouping tasks by long-term goals. There's no one correct way to visualize a plan - different views work best for different purposes, and we're constantly adding more of them.
Automatic Task Scheduling
Tasks are scheduled automatically and predictably whenever you change your plan in any way. No dreaded "level resources" button that messes up your carefully laid plan. You assign tasks to people and draw the logical connections between them and Gigantt takes care of the rest, instantly showing you projected delivery dates. Our scheduling algorithm is simple and elegant, so the results are predictable. We use project goals to prioritize tasks - you just need to tell Gigantt which end-goal is more important and the schedule is updated accordingly.
Track Progress
Finished with a task? Hit D to mark it as done. As simple as that. Everybody else sees your progress immediately. No need for daily status meetings. Some other team is running late on a task you're waiting for? You won't have to wait until the weekly sync meeting to hear about it. Seeing how much work each team-member still has left is a breeze, even across teams. Communicate your progress, your challenges and your estimates through Gigantt, and save yourself hours in recurring meetings.
Gigantt uses state-of-the-art encryption protocols for all communication, just like your bank does. Our servers are built upon well-trusted, open-source platforms (e.g. Linux, Django) just like tens of thousands of other businesses online. Our systems are constantly updated with security patches. Our backups are encrypted, saved securely across multiple, geo-redundant storage providers and routinely tested. Only you decide who has access to your projects.
Simple & Flexible
Learning the basics takes exactly five minutes. Gigantt is just tasks containing other tasks. Move along; nothing more to see here. No projects, milestones, deliverables, start-start dependencies or what have you. Hit ENTER to create a new task or INSERT to create a new dependent task. Bam! You training is complete. Gigantt's simplicity makes it very flexible and methodology-agnostic. We use it internally with an agile methodology, but it works just as well for traditional "waterfall" projects, critical-chain, and more. Think of it as a huge, collaborative whiteboard for keeping track of what needs to get done.
Fanatical Support
We see lots of projects being managed and are happy to advise on how to build your work-plan and suggest best practices. Every support ticket is seen by every qualified employee, from lowly programmer to the CEO (which, in our case, is also a lowly programmer). Personal, intelligent support is your basic human right as a user - not something to charge extra for. Support requests are typically answered within minutes (during working hours), often by the very same people who are developing Gigantt. We're 100% fueled by user feedback and we feel the pain behind every annoyance and bug you might encounter.
Industry Compatible
Your data belongs to you and you'll always be able to get back whatever you put into Gigantt. We will happily export your plans to a variety of popular formats, from Microsoft Project (XML), Excel (CSV) to plain old text. If your clients or co-workers aren't Gigantt users - not a problem, our rich export support will take care of creating versions you can share with them.